Firm overview

Founded in 2013, specialised in small and mid cap, CP&A is a pure player of financial and strategic analysis.
It’s also an entrepreneurial project with strong growth, where employees know they have a direct positive impact on regional development.

Joining CP&A equals working on challenging projects
with a direct impact on regional development.

CP&A and you

We make sure to provide excellent working conditions and a positive work atmosphere, in line with our core values: expertise, proximity and social responsibility.

Business trips are rare, remote working (full or partial) is possible depending on the position and autonomy of the employees.

We work with lots of business sectors and our clients have many different requests and needs.

Our offices are located in the center of attractive cities, and we encourage employees to choose soft mobility.

We organise fun internal events throughout the year, including two seminars (summer/winter) and various opportunities to meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each employee has the opportunity to develop their responsabilities with assignments and to take charge of some aspects of the firm life, with the help of a partner.

We care about your personal projects – sports, associations, family – and offer you the possibility to organise your schedule depending on this project. In addition, we offer you an 8th week of paid holiday.

Job opportunities

(in French)

Julie, Senior Manager

Armel, Partner

Guillaume, Analyst

Jean-Louis, Senior Manager


Our teams are organised into 4 levels (partners, managers, seniors and analysts). Our profiles are based on two main skills: accounting/finance and strategy/CSR.

Teams benefit from adapted tools and training, and admin time is limited.

CP&A’s offer is divided into 5 business lines:

– Transaction services: accounting, financial and/or strategic due diligence – buy-side and sell-side –, financial assistance in the context of transactions
– Valuation and financial modeling
– Restructuring: Independent Business Review
– Operational assistance to financial departments
– Strategy and CSR consulting


Managers and seniors
Analysts and interns
Some key figures
Average age
Transactions advised in 2022